The Ruapehu College Staff


Kim Basse

Deputy Principal

Marama Allen Te Reo Maori, Correspond
Steve Mackrell Physics

Teaching Staff

Marama Allen Te Reo Maori, Correspond
Miss Angie Bam Physical Education, Mathem
Miss Kiani Rowe Te Reo Maori, Social Studies
Miss Nicole Jaquiery Textiles
Mr Brian Connelly TIC Outdoor Education Ag
Mr Campbell Hart HOD Physical Education
Mr David Sims TIC Performing Arts
Mr Johnny Greene HOD English
Mr KJ Allen Psychology , Junior Dean
Mr Michael Darmody HOF Technology
Mr Mike Clamp TIC Social Sciences Teacher
Mr Raj Prasad HOD Mathematics
Mrs Ann Stuckey HOD visual Arts
Mrs Maxine Hakaraia Food Technology, Seni
Mrs Meredith Wilson Science
Mrs Robin Thomas SENCO, Mathematics
Mrs Shelagh Buck HOD Science
Steve Mackrell Physics

Support Staff

Miss Katie Shere Sports Co-Ordinator and Librarian
Miss Leah Rogers Office, Library
Mr Phillip Sutton Asset Manager, Caretaker
Mrs Glenda Higginson SENCO, Teacher Aid
Mrs Kay Sutton Canteen Manager/Uniform Shop
Mrs Liz Hall Gateway, STAR coordinator
Mrs Rachel Wills Laboratory Assistant

Administration Staff

Mrs Anne McIver Principal Secretary
Mrs Hanlie Bam Finance officer
Mrs Kerren Dixon Computer Network

Updated June 4, 2019

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